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We really appreciate your visit to our web site. We hope you will find all information that you want to know about our products. If you want to ask more detail about something, please don't hesitate to send your message to us at Contact Request page, your message will be read and reply by our marketing staff.


[October 05, 2009]

We produce solid wood floors and Lamella made from grade A Teak wood raw material.

The Teak wood we use comes from Cepu / Blora, known as producer of Teak wood raw material with the best quality in the world.

[December 18, 2010]

Harga terbaru lantai kayu (solid) grade A/B untuk retail Jakarta dan sekitarnya:


-Merbau T&G Ukuran 15x90x600-1200 mm.

Rp.360rb/m2 (termasuk biaya pemasangan + finishing).

-Merbau Lamparquet ukuran 10x60x300mm.

Rp.250rb/m2 (termasuk biaya pemasangan + finishing).


-Kempas T&G ukuran 15x90x450up900.

Rp.350rb/m2 (termasuk biaya pemasangan + finishing).


-Jati Parquet block ukuran 10x60x300mm.

Rp.330rb/m2 (termasuk biaya pemasangan + finishing).

Tersedia juga Sonokeling, White Sono & Medang.

Kami juga mempunyai koleksi berbagai jenis lantai kayu import dari USA baik solid maupun engineered dengan harga mulai Rp.210rb/m2 (termasuk ongkos pasang)

Semua produk kami adalah kayu asli, bukan laminate (kayu imitasi) sehingga relatif tidak berisik saat diinjak sepatu dan tetap mempunyai sifat2 alami lantai kayu sebagai penyeimbang suhu ruangan dan meredam suara.

Daftar harga selengkapnya silahkan hubungi kami.

About us & About this site

Our company particularly sell wooden flooring products, including solid and multi layer engineered. We also sell indoor & garden furniture that have creative modern design and  make from various wood materials, such as Teakwood, and Mahogany.

To produce wooden flooring products, we utilize sorted, grade-A Teakwood, Merbau or Mahogany raw materials. We get Merbau from Papua, a region in east Indonesia territory that is known as region that produce best Merbau quality.

Teakwood and Mahogany get from Perhutani, a state owned company that have official authority in forest management in Indonesia.

Beside our main products, we also have several subsidiary company which sell non wooden product, amongst those is  Coconut Shell Briquette and Liquid Smoke (for non toxic food preservation).

This site intended to give information about all of our products, particularly the product that we will export to other country. If in this site you meet information we write only in Indonesian, it is mean that we just sell the product only for local market.

At several page in this site (Free Ads) we also give opportunity to peoples to put in her/his own advertising (no relation with corporate product).

This merely to pull visitor more and more to this site.

We provide Contact Request page for you to interact with us. You can ask anything about our products, about the newest prices or availability of goods. For us, you are very valuable, our marketing staff will serve you with the warmth of Indonesia.

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